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Aminias contains the main water way which reaches the interior of Doelel. The lakes of Aminias are fed by waters from Gruln, Ethana, Tatenvar, D’Urlintait, and Kouvos’Gol. The waters of all these nations flow through one river between Gruln and Aminias, at the boarder city of Barquet. Many goods travel down river, but transporting up river continues to prove less than simple. The water currants are very swift, especially in the Great River which dumps into Atom Aurie. Tevanial parts of Aminias are forested, while the tree density declines to the Escuu due to cooler temperatures, and less rain. Weather typically comes from the tevanial towards the escuusorial. The prosperity of Aminias is primarily from the movement of goods from the inland nations to the aurie and the rest of the world. Aminias also has several large turbine damns generating electricity. With metals from Kouvos’Gol and D’Urlintait, Aminias is a leading manufacturer of batteries.

Locations of Aminias


  • Central Aurut
  • Escuusorial Foothills
  • Escuusorial Lakeland
  • Lenturial Foothills
  • Tevanial Aurut
  • Tevanial Coast
  • Tevanial Foothills