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C00f00f C00e00f C00d00f C00c00f C00b00f C00a00f C00900f C00800f C00700f C00600f C00500f C00400f C00300f C00200f C00100f C00000f
C00f00e C00e00e C00d00e C00c00e C00b00e C00a00e C00900e C00800e C00700e C00600e C00500e C00400e C00300e C00200e C00100e C00000e
C00f00d C00e00d C00d00d C00c00d C00b00d C00a00d C00900d C00800d C00700d C00600d C00500d C00400d C00300d C00200d C00100d C00000d
C00f00c C00e00c C00d00c C00c00c C00b00c C00a00c C00900c C00800c C00700c C00600c C00500c C00400c C00300c C00200c C00100c C00000c
B003002 B002002 B001002 B000002
C00f00b C00e00b C00d00b C00c00b C00b00b C00a00b C00900b C00800b C00700b C00600b C00500b C00400b C00300b C00200b C00100b C00000b
C00f00a C00e00a C00d00a C00c00a C00b00a C00a00a C00900a C00800a C00700a C00600a C00500a C00400a C00300a C00200a C00100a C00000a
C00f009 C00e009 C00d009 C00c009 C00b009 C00a009 C009009 C008009 C007009 C006009 C005009 C004009 C003009 C002009 C001009 C000009
C00f008 C00e008 C00d008 C00c008 C00b008 C00a008 C009008 C008008 C007008 C006008 C005008 C004008 C003008 C002008 C001008 C000008
B003001 B002001 B001001 B000001
C00f007 C00e007 C00d007 C00c007 C00b007 C00a007 C009007 C008007 C007007 C006007 C005007 C004007 C003007 C002007 C001007 C000007
C00f006 C00e006 C00d006 C00c006 C00b006 C00a006 C009006 C008006 C007006 C006006 C005006 C004006 C003006 C002006 C001006 C000006
C00f005 C00e005 C00d005 C00c005 C00b005 C00a005 C009005 C008005 C007005 C006005 C005005 C004005 C003005 C002005 C001005 C000005
C00f004 C00e004 C00d004 C00c004 C00b004 C00a004 C009004 C008004 C007004 C006004 C005004 C004004 C003004 C002004 C001004 C000004
B003000 B002000 B001000 B000000
C00f003 C00e003 C00d003 C00c003 C00b003 C00a003 C009003 C008003 C007003 C006003 C005003 C004003 C003003 C002003 C001003 C000003
C00f002 C00e002 C00d002 C00c002 C00b002 C00a002 C009002 C008002 C007002 C006002 C005002 C004002 C003002 C002002 C001002 C000002
C00f001 C00e001 C00d001 C00c001 C00b001 C00a001 C009001 C008001 C007001 C006001 C005001 C004001 C003001 C002001 C001001 C000001
C00f000 C00e000 C00d000 C00c000 C00b000 C00a000 C009000 C008000 C007000 C006000 C005000 C004000 C003000 C002000 C001000 C000000