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Backwards Writer is an insult to a foreigner.

Before the One World Language was implemented in in the year BM3001, a third of the world wrote left to right, another third wrote right to left, and those in the equatorial third of the world wrote top to bottom, each according to the movement of the roia across the sky. The Roia rise in the west and set in the east, so after the Great Kaatyclyzym cultures in the Tevan looked to the Escuu and saw the roia moving from left to right, while those in the Escuu looking Tevan saw the roia moving from right to left. Those in the center looked up oriented themselves to the Daru to Lentur, head to foot, top to bottom, start to end, and would write vertically.

Each side of the world thought they wrote correctly and the other wrote backwards.

Writing backwards was a sign that you didn't belong where you were.