Great Kaatyclyzym

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BM 1358-2363

Approximately one thousand years of major quakes. Much of civilization is destroyed, and the Kaeav are formed.

It was a period of wandering, as few structures withstood the quaking which was so frequent that there was no time to build. Life was devoted to survival: finding food, and protection from wild animals.

The wars that took place before were forgotten, as all tried to survive. Though when two or more groups crossed paths there was often fighting for resources. Though many joined forces, instead of fight, they soon discovered that it was more difficult to feed large communities of wanderers.

Birthrates slowed, and the population dwindled as death was more common than birth.

During the Great Kaatyclyzym, the world changed. Great quakes shook the world for a thousand years. Great chunks of land broke from the Avel, and lifted into the Kaea, to become floating islands in the air. Some of these masses were as much as a hundred miles in diameter, they are the Kaea.

The world remained in chaos for nearly a thousand years after the Great Kaatyclyzm began. Most of what had been known before the Kaatyclyzm was lost and forgotten.

The calendar was maintained by the descendants of Brraan Marrowwen, though few events during the Kaatyclyzm were not recorded. The world did not return to the BM Calendar for two years. Though some chose to start a new year count, official records maintain the old numbering.


  • 2363
    • Quakes finally stop











  • 1360
    • Worldwide constant quakes begin