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Cultures of those who choose not to live in a town or city, but live in the wilds. Most live solitary lives or with a handful of others, but some live in groups of up to 100 spread out in a forest or field. They do not hold currency or loyalty to the nation they live in or are traveling through.

Though nomadic wildlings share many similarities to The Landless, they do not have the legal rights to cross borders unchecked, nor do they have the education of The Landless.

Wildlings commune with nature, live off the land eating the plants that grow naturally and animals which they hunt or trap. They do not forge metal, so any metal objects they may use are stolen or looted from corpses of those unfortunate enough to trespass too close to the current encampment of wildlings.

Most Wildlings are Hhorq or Chyas, but all races have their own wildlings; wildlings are found in all parts of the world.